Adding Value to Bookkeeping Services - Part 2 - How to Tame & Train your Data to Delight

Thursday, September 22, 2022

11:40 AM - 12:40 PM


In Part 1, you learned how to identify different types of personalities and communication styles. And the best way to communicate with them.

Part 2 focuses on using data as the primary communication tool. A natural segue on data communications is to provide a focus around the numbers for decision-making instead of just for compliance purposes. When we understand what is important/relevant to our client we can design our reporting and chart of accounts to delight.

We will discuss:

  • Part 1 review on how to ask the questions to thoroughly understand our client’s business, their needs and how to meet them with data;
  • Preparing an inventory of Information systems, software and apps and the data they provide;
  • Data Selection and how to pick out data that has the potential to answer your client’s burning questions;
  • Tame & Train your data.

Shaping all this wild data takes effort. Understand how to look at the data, ensuring it meets quality control so then you may train it. By asking questions (from Part 1) we can recognize that different industries or businesses may have other needs and creating other spreadsheets for themselves. Many of us are not strong verbal communicators; however, when we create a stronger platform that meets our clients' differing needs while allowing for decision-making, we differentiate ourselves, strengthen client relationships and show our true value.

Managing Bookkeeping
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