Using Google to Vet Prospects, Onboard and Manage Your Client Boundaries and Collaborate on Workflows

Thursday, September 22, 2022

9:10 AM - 10:10 AM


Yes, Google can do all this - and it's either free or included in your Google Workspace plan! Let's dive into how to have Google do some heavy lifting for you - some of it automagically - using Forms, Sheets and Slides.

1. We will dig into the format bar for all 3 applications

2. We will walk through Google Forms - cause forms should be an integral part of your business

3. We will check out how to build a full year client and firm collaborative workflow in Google Sheets

4. We will cover how to use Google Slides for YE summaries with outside tax prep, proposals and client employee onboarding

Even if you are not a ""Googler"" you will be able to translate the same concepts to non-Google applications such as Excel, PPT, Canva and Typeform.

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