How to Enjoy Your Practice MORE, By Setting Clear Boundaries with Clients

Thursday, September 22, 2022

2:20 PM - 3:20 PM


You became a bookkeeper because you have a big heart. Your super power is creating order out of chaos and then immediately understanding the story the numbers tell - and you use this awesome combination to help your clients make better business decisions, and they love you for that. That’s the fun part of your job!

The “less fun” part is that to do that, you have to keep up on so many things every day - it never ends! You have things coming at you from all angles, and sometimes even on social media!

Luckily you are pretty good at organizing your own work and many of you have tools in place to track your due dates, daily and monthly workflow and hand-offs between staff.

BUT WHAT ABOUT CLIENTS? How do you “organize” them? How do you keep them on track? And how do you establish clear boundaries so your personal life is reserved for you and your family?

Bookkeepers usually have preferred secure methods of communicating with clients, but many clients go rogue and just do their own thing. If you are a “marshmallow”, you let them run wild and have too many places you have to check for things your clients have sent you. It's chaos. If you are a “dictator” you force them to use your way and only your way, and then you have to enforce that. Neither sound good, do they?

The good news is that there is a satisfying middle ground and once you understand the secrets, you can take back your personal phone (no more texting!), you can get out of email jail, security worries will vanish and your clients will thank you because they will feel more organized and less chaotic too.

If you find yourself nodding at this, this session is for YOU. Taught as an interactive workshop, with hands-on exercises to complete during the class, you’ll come away with a clear plan for how to implement boundaries with your clients so that you, your staff, and your clients are happy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Clearly state what needs to change in your practice for you to feel joyful and in control
  2. Understand WHY clients persist in using too many methods to communicate with you, then learn how to use that to your advantage
  3. Discover the “magic words” you can use to get them to take security seriously
  4. Learn how game-changing client communication tools make everything fall into place
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