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Kimme Lafayette CPB
Beyond Bookkeeping Business Services
Speaker Bio
Bookkeeping is a second career path for Kimme. She had originally gone to university to become an Accountant and was working part-time in an administrative role to support herself while in school. The company ended up offering her a full-time position with an attractive compensation package; she quit university, accepted the position, and spent the next 20 years in Executive Management & Trainer roles. Her heart was still always drawn to accounting though and throughout those 20 years, she would do the occasional night school course in the accounting field just out of personal interest. 15 years ago, she made the decision to leave her position and go back to school once and for all. She did a 6-month bookkeeping course and worked for a company for 4 years after that. When that seasonal company decided to switch all of their employees to contractors, she opened the doors of BBBS and started the exciting journey of self-employment. Her firm is now 100% virtual, 100% QBO and has a small team of 3. As with many business owners, there’s been some bumps in the road. We’ll let Kimme tell you about that in today’s fireside chat.
Kimme Lafayette