Full Name
Beverly Haggins CPB, FCPB
HB Accounting Services
Speaker Bio
I live in Kingsville Ontario and like to boast that it is the most southerly town in Canada. I live on the small farm there where I was born and raised. In the summer I worked on the farm in my parents apiary and later took a job in town as a soda jerk at the local dairy bar. After high school I attended our local community college and graduated in Accounting. My jobs varied over the years starting with working for our Windsor TV station in Accounts Receivable, primary bookkeeper for a pool installation company, two different public accounting firms, Accountant for a local tomato cannery and finally self-employed in my own bookkeeping firm. In the 80’s, while in public accounting, when pc’s were brand new, it was my job to go out to our customers and train them on the use of this “new fangled” equipment and teach Bedford Accounting (now Sage) and Lotus123 software. I loved it and was hooked on working directly with the customer and seeing them learn and grow and succeed with this new way of keeping books. I find it amazing now to see how the whole system has changed yet again to paperless cloud data collection and processing. It has come a long way from paper and pen journals and ledgers, calculators and cross-balancing. The constant is the pleasure that comes from helping someone figure out the tools and then use what they have learned to build and grow their businesses, careers and personal wealth. That’s the fun part and I have been very lucky to have experienced that pleasure throughout my working life. Now, partially retired I still take pleasure in volunteering at my church, the Kingsville Historical Society and CPB Canada. Giving of your knowledge and experience can fill your life with many blessings and I hope that you find a way to know that great pleasure in your life also.
Beverly Haggins