Full Name
John O’Rourke CHRP(Ret)
Managing Partner
JCOR Human Resource Services Inc.
Speaker Bio
John O’Rourke is a recognized experienced Business Consulting professional who has developed his Leadership and Business Management skills over the past 40 + years. As well as owning his own firm he has taken ownership positions in a number of companies and has built his skills from those experiences.

More recently as the Managing Partner in the firm JCOR Human Resource Services Inc. he has provided a full range of Human Resource services as well as business support services to over 200 clients in a variety of industries. John developed his interviewing and Investigation skills while a Human Resource Professional and has conducted investigations related to fraud, harassment, discrimination and employee performance problems. Over the past number of years he has been an outside resource for investigations on behalf of the Certified Professional Bookkeepers, Canada.

John was a long term Instructor of Human Resource Management in the University of Calgary’s Continuing Education program and still provides Leadership Training and Management for a few of his long term clients.

John is a recognized trainer and has provided training to clients in Canada and abroad. He has developed and presented courses on Leadership, Interviewing and Investigation.

Further, John currently has served as a Director on the Board of Directors of a small oil and gas company and an international manufacturing company.
John O’Rourke