Dealing with Difficult People: The Seven Simple Steps to Success!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

9:10 AM - 10:25 AM


Throughout our personal life and within professional career as bookkeepers, we will all have to deal with difficult and challenging people and their behaviours. In this informative and sometimes lighthearted seminar we’ll examine difficult people, traits, characteristics, and behaviours, and provide useful solutions by utilizing seven common-sense steps. The fact is that difficult people and their unpleasant and challenging behaviours will always be part of our life’s day interactions, so the best decision and approach to is to be empowered to respond intelligently, logically, patiently, and professionally!

In this seminar, we will…

  • Remind ourselves of the two “rules” of difficult people.
  • Examine typical traits and characteristics of difficult people.
  • Drill down in why and how difficult people are the way they are.
  • Look at the only three “paths” forward you take.
  • Discuss in depth the seven steps to implement to successfully interact with difficult people.
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International Room - BC