Basic Blockchain Bookkeeping

Friday, September 22, 2023

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

  • The basic concept of blockchain technology, what it is, why it is exciting and (at this time) unhackable.
  • Different kinds of blockchain-based businesses
  • Cryptocurrency investing/trading
  • Digital mining
  • NFT minting and trading
  • Other potential blockchain business applications for the future (or now)
  • Sales Tax treatment of blockchain-related businesses and transactions
  • Determining active business income versus passive investment income
  • Reviewing some basic cryptocurrency-related journal entries
  • A discussion of documentation
  • A discussion of risk
  • The client
  • Documentation
  • Tax
  • Describe some potentially useful tools

It is our hope that this presentation will remove some of the fear surrounding working with blockchain-based businesses and educate about the key risks associated with it. One of the main goals is to encourage appropriate documentation, and help attendees ensure they are selecting customers appropriately.

Managing Bookkeeping
Technology & Software
Location Name
International Room - A