GST/HST - Public Service Bodies’ (PSB) Rebate: Charities & Non-profit Organizations (NPOs)

Friday, September 22, 2023

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM


Are you aware of the different PSB Rebate rules for Charities vs. NPOs?

Have you ever wondered if you had missed claiming all eligible amounts?

Do you want to know how to minimize claim errors?

If you would like to learn more, you should attend the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) GST/HST Presentation. You will hear directly from CRA’s GST/HST Headquarters employee who has 30+ years experience in GST/HST Programs. The Presentation will identify and discuss PSB Rebate issues for both of these two different entity types. We will review eligibility rules, entitlements, eligible vs. ineligible expenditures, plus the similarities and differences by entity type. The Presentation will help you better manage organizational PSB Rebates.


  • Understand PSB Rebate eligibility
  • Comprehend entitlement
  • Learn key differences between Charity vs. NPO rules
  • Know how to correctly claim the PSB Rebate


  • Definitions
  • Eligibility for Charities vs. NPOs
  • Qualifying NPO
  • Exclusions
  • Carrying a Rebate Forward/Missed Claims


This Presentation is designed for application to both Charities and NPOs. It is intended for all individuals who may be involved with an organization’s GST/HST. You will learn about how the PSB Rebate applies to each type of organization, and about any limitations that can impact or even deny claims. You will hear about how to maximize PSB Rebates, and how to avoid some of the more common mistakes.

** PLEASE NOTE: Michael Monk is unable to join us at this year's conference; however, we are pleased to welcome Anna Zurat, CPB, CGA, Team Leader, GST/HST Audit, Canada Revenue Agency to present this session.

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