Jean-Guy Talbot FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO
ReveNew Practice Management

Jean-Guy believes that happiness is a choice you make every morning. He inspires those around him by living these types of insights, and clients and colleagues across North America consider him a friend and a mentor. Born and raised on a mixed farm, Jean-Guy learned at a very young age to feed the chickens, milk cows, clean the pigpen by hand and to NEVER stand behind a coughing cow. Starting his accounting career in 1983, he worked in public practice for several years before founding Talbot and Associates on a part time basis in 1987. Growing the practice from a one-person operation in his basement to over 70 staff in 8 locations across Manitoba, he has devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to research the secrets of operating a better practice. He is now mentoring other accountants & bookkeepers on the path of success. In 2016 Jean-Guy was formally recognized by his peers for having rendered exceptional services to the profession and received the title of fellow CPA (FCPA).

Jean-Guy Talbot